Bellamer Ltd was founded in Finland in 1991.

During the 32 years of the company's existence, numerous projects have been implemented, such as the construction of ports for small boats and the production of sailing and motor yachts.

The company has it’s own production facilities in Finland and Lithuania.
To date, the company owns the technology of vacuum molding of fiberglass products, rotoforming on its own equipment,
technology of welded aluminum structures for marine use.
All manufactured products are tested at our own marinas and charter fleet.

The company manufactures both self-propelled houseboats and stationary summer cottages on the water.

The main deliveries of houseboats are made to such countries as France, Finland, Norway, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania.
For projects in the Persian Gulf, separate models have been developed in order to adap to the conditions of the climate in the region.

At the request of the customer, layouts can be specifically adapted to the needs of the customer.

Floating non-self-propelled houses can be installed on floats made of concrete or HDPE.
The walls are made of plastic sandwich panels with a high density polyurethane thermal insulation.
The frame construction is made of marine-grade aluminium.

The houses are equipped with solar panels, and gray water treatment systems.
If there is water, electricity and sewerage in the port, houseboats can directly connect to the systems.

Who are among our happiest customers?


We all want our children to remember the happiest moments from their childhood. But when daily care and even Christmas gifts fade easily from their memory, the happiest holidays find their way as some of the fondest memories into their adult years!
Take your family on an amazing adventure where you can have lots of fun, maximum comfort and unlimited freedom on the water. Our houseboats are designed with families in mind, with spacious, safe, and airy accommodation with different spaces where you can enjoy quality time all together.

In this high-quality wooden houseboat, you will find everything you need for a pleasant leisure time or even working with a computer. Enjoy your time with your family as this houseboat comes fully equipped and requires very little maintenance.

What also comes to mind when traveling with little ones is safety. Therefore every houseboat comes with a set of vests, specially designed partitions, extra lifeboat, lockable doors etc. We know that safety comes first that is why we paid special attention to every little detail to ensure the safety of big and small passengers.
More about Technical maintenance


Make your dream of life by (or rather on!) the water come true!
Start your adventure today with that special someone in your life and share unforgettable memories that come with traveling. Experience nature from a new, fascinating side and escape the stress and hectic pace of mass tourism. Whether that is the first morning, looking out the window when you can enjoy peaceful water, that first night’s sunset with a glass of wine or an old book you always wanted to read during peaceful day hours – all those things will allow you to experience living in a completely different way.
Relax in the most pleasant way and enjoy your completely individual trip through the peaceful waters.


If you are working in hospitality business and would like to include some very unique assets in your portfolio, look no further as houseboat is a new trendy idea your clients will love to rent! Houseboat holiday ideas are perfect for individual travelers as well as birdwatchers, sightseers, explorers, history buffs, photographers and many more.

accommodate up to 10 people, depending on the size of the boat:
NS18 - 2 + 1 person;
NS21 - 4 + 1 person;
NS36 - 4 + 2 person;
NS42 - 6 + 2 person;

That is why it is perfect for families and companies of any size.
Each houseboat has its own beautifully fitted bathroom with a hot shower, bedroom and even sauna. Therefore it is perfect for short breaks, a week’s holiday and other types of leisure time.