Nordic 36


Type of ship: Nordic 36

Type of living space: Eco 23

Prices start at: 86 570 €

VAT: VAT Not paid

Dimensions ship: 10.90 m x 3.14 m x 3.14 m

Dimensions living space: 7.50 m x 3.00 m x 2.30 m

Recomended Engine: 20 - 50 hp

Material: Aluminum, HDPE, Nordic wood

Sleeping places: Fixed: 2 Extra: 2

Category D*

*CE category D for inland waters and category C for open coastal waters. (Complying with European Union Directive that established design standards for recreational boats)

Nordic Season

is a Finnish design

The houseboats are developed according to Finnish standards. Sturdy, solid, good sailing and resistant to harsh winters. The Floats are made of Polyethene with a notch on the bottom for more grip on the water while sailing. The frame is built of aluminum making the houseboat easy and light to sail. Make sailing a lot safer than standard houseboats of these dimensions.

Through the use of natural materials and beautiful Finnish wood, this boat radiates a warmth and coziness that you will not see anywhere else.

For the construction, sustainability and environmentally friendly production is paramount. The houseboats are produced from sustainable materials such as Finnish thermowood. A non-toxic natural product that lasts a very long time thanks to the water-based impregnation agents and on which a long warranty is given.

The Nordic Season houseboats are designed to meet the basic needs of a client with an optional sauna or storage room. It further consists of a fully equipped kitchen/bedroom and bathroom. The layout of the boat can be adapted to the needs of the client. See several floor plans below the pictures.

The boats are available in different sizes, with or without sauna and many additional options. If you do not choose a sauna, a large bedroom can be made to the living room.

The floats are made of Polythene and are indestructible.

This Houseboat Nordic 36 Eco23 is recommended for two to four people.



1.1Platform size: 10,95 x 3,48 m (width 37,70 m2)
1.2Floating modules (floats): polyethylene (HDPE), thickness 9-10mm, black color, UV resistant. W shape keel
1.3Hull: extruded aluminum profile of various cross section, melted 6063 T6, frame height 130 mm. (easy to
mount, dismantling echo sounder, various equipment)
1.4Size of living module: 7,50 x 3,00 m (width 22,50 m2)
1.5Living module layout: kitchen-sitting room (11,7 m2), bedroom (4,25 m2), bathroom (2,06 m2), room for sauna or
technical, store room with doors (2,40m2)
1.6Living module construction: base (floor) 100mm - wood, marine plywood, polyurethane; walls 70mm - wood, polyurethane; roof 84,4 mm - monolithic composite panel (2,2 mm x2 glass fibre (GFC) hot harden-
ing and 80 mm extruded styrofoam (EPS), anodized aluminum profile; stainless steel fasteners.
1.7Wall decoration outdoors: scandinavian spruce wood panels (color: brown)
1.8Inner wall decoration: 14 mm scandinavian wood panels (color: white and grey)
1.9Room floors: living room and bedroom- scandinavian trimmed planks 26 mm, bathroom and sauna - vinyl
laminate (solid sheet)
1.10Indoor doors wooden plastic composite (water resistant): 2 pcs
1.11Round windows, two layer, tempered, tinted, glued beam, without opening system: 4 pcs
1.12Sliding windshield doors and side windows, two layer, tempered, tinted, painted aluminium
1.13Afterdeck doors PVC
1.14Internal ventilation hole: 4 pcs
1.15Bathroom equipment: stainless steel shower panel, hot and cold water mixer, washbasin with mirror, gutter
from stainless steel.
1.16Bedroom equipment: bed with a storage, natural wood (without matress), size 160x200
1.17Kitchen equipment: kitchen suite 180 cm, hanging cabinets, stainless steel sink, two burner gas stove, gas
pipeline for stove, extractor hood, fridge 230V, hot and cold water supplier.
1.18Control unit with steering system (mechanical, plastic steering wheel), switches, necessary navigation
equipment, 12 volts socket, box for electrical fuses, compass.
1.19On shore connectivity system 230 volts: socket for electricity, 16 A fuse and 30 mA RCD
1.20Mounted 230 volts electric socket: 7 pcs
1.21LED lights also in afterdeck: 7 pcs
1.22Navigation lights 12 V, pole white, roof body green, red
1.23Foredeck and stern: Impregnated scandinavian planks (brown), non-slipping
1.24Handrails: stainless steel tube (diameter 42,4 mm, thickness 2 mm, braided stainless steel cable)
1.25Mooring cleats, aluminum 4 pcs
1.26Swimming ladder, stainless steel, 3 step, width 168mm
1.28Box for x2 gas balloons
1.29Fast LPG water heater with connectivity
1.30Water pump 12 or 24 V with 9 l tank, supplying water in and out the tank
1.31Ship toilet with shredder and electric controler, septic 200 litre, filling indicator, vacuum suction system
1.32Septic tank 200 litre, level indicator, air filter, air outlet, neck pumping, mounting
1.33Fresh water 200 litre tank, level indicator, hoses, air outlet, neck pumping, mounting
1.34Service column for filling and pumping out fittings.


OPTIONS (By request)

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  • OUTBOARD ENGINES (e.g. electric outboard engines)

  • SAUNA (e.g. Original Finnish sauna)